14 dec. 2008

finished 2 more projects

Tomorow I have to start setting up my presentation on school, so I spend the weekend in my craftroom to finish my paintings. one of the paintings wasn't working at all, so I finished it in photoshop. I like the results but I am not 100% satified, but I need to have it finished tomorow, so I will have to stick with this right :). It is for the Future assigment. All I have to do now is making/finish my inspiration book, printing some pictures, write my text and maybe make another collage, but I dont think there will be any more space at my wall left :)

The other painting (mommylove) is not for an asignment, but I will be presentating it (to make it up with the other things :D) I really really like this one. I like the colors, the glitters and the image very much. It is like a russian mother (holy) but also it looks a bit old. It will also look very cute as a card or magnet right? Soo :) let me know what you think of it!
Big hug

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