9 dec. 2008


next week I have my big presentation on school. We have 2 presentations per year where we get grades. All the assignments we had in the first two trimester plus your own work, your style. a text about you as an artist, sketches, collages and inspiration. A LOT of work. Thankfully I had finished a lot of my assignments, only need to finish the Future assignment and we can skip one. I am skipping Street-art. I did made the plans for the assignment and a banner out of newspaper, but I still need to hang it at the streets and make picture's. I am not going to do that in this weather :) My biggest problem was having work from my own. I dont have that yet. So that is where I am working on. Ofcourse I have my dream Collage and my photoshop project, but I also wanted some paintings. So i am working on a painting of a cute russian woman/holy person. I will make picture's tomorow. Today and yesterday I worked at home to finish the photoshop project and I made a logo for a new website for Martin. No scrapbooking at all for me this weeks!
What do you think of it?
Hugs martine

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