4 dec. 2008

December kit Scrapabilly

This last two weeks we have been really busy with al kind of fun things. Martin got a new contract with Talpa as songwriter, so we needed to celebrate that with a fun day at Amsterdam. We bought a few little christmas ornaments, so I already brought the tree out of the closet. I know it is way to early for that, but I just like the lights and glitter so mucht. Also I needed to make some stuff with the December kit from Scrapabilly. I didnt felt like making lay-outs, so I thought i dont make a lay-out at all :) I made 2 christmas trees and a little stationary kit with home made envelopes. Both projects are really easy to make!. I also spended a weekend at my mom's, making a patchwork pillow. It is not finished yet, but I hope to finish it before christmas. Will share soon!. What also needs to be finished before christmas are all my schoolassignments. So I am working on that really hard this weeks. I just need to finish one more assignment, but You also need to show some of your own work, so I am working on that too. We have a presentation at december 17th. I hope I will get some good grades :)
Tomorow night is Presentnight! So everyone who is celebrating Saint Nicholas! Have fun and enjoy! I am off to bed LOL!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Not EVERYONE is celebrating St.Nic ;)
    All those christmas goodies look great, and congrats to martin on the new contracT!!!

  2. Weer zoveel leuke creaties! Bedankt voor de inspiratie, ik moet zeker die storybook cartridge van korterbij bestuderen ;-)