4 aug. 2009

Rebuilding mode

Yay I finally have a background and a 3 column blog! And the best part, I made it myself! Even the dashed borders:) Cool huh! Ofcourse I am sitting right next to mister HTML here, so any mistake, questions etc and I can pop them right out and they will be fixed. But he is working like crazy, So I rather fix it myself. I am also working on the images on the side to make them linkable and I will be placing new images and links on the other side.
The banner... well that is a Whole differant story.. At this moment it is not even a banner/header it is just a image in the background. We dont know how.. but the nice upload thingie is not working here, so we had to cheat and changed it in the template (when that didn't worked out, we made it an image) so you can't click on it, but I am working on it, just bear with me!

So if you are missing out things, let me know and I will put them up! Now I will be looking for a translator widget, so I dont have to type my blog in more then one language :D

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking good girl!Lovin the polaroids!

  2. Took me ages to pimp mine too, hang in there. Funny we both went for the polaroid look :)