10 aug. 2009

Glitter and more

wow the times is really flying here! I worked a lot last week @subway and on my Project for the KKD. Well All I can say is that there is Glitter in my entire house and really everywhere! Even Martin is caught by the Glitterbug! But the projects are turning out really cute (ok not all of them, but I am working on it!) I will show you some projects soon!
I am also very happy with the way my blog turned out, Only I noticed that on my Iphone for example or at my dad's computer the right column isnt showing on the right place. (But on my computer it is...)It is showing underneath all the posts. It supposed to be a width problem of the wrapper (ah yes! sounds technical huh LOL) but I already adjusted that.... So if anyone have an idea on how to fix it let me now!. Ok back to the glitter!
Happy Scrapping!

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