17 aug. 2009


Time flies! I had a really fun week, I didn't worked that much, so I could spend my whole week at my parents house :) Rianne and the kids where staying there so we did a lot of fun things! We went swimming with Carina and here kids, helped out our sister Tamara at School to get the classrooms ready for the new schoolyear, went to the playground with Fauve and here kids, did some shopping, went to the Cinema to watch MegaMindy and also stayed at "home" (our parents house) to watch some movies, eat with each other and enjoying each other as much as possible. I enjoyed it so much that I didnt even took pictures!(Stole one from my sister's blog tho :D) I really realized that our 2 months going away is getting really close and that baby Iris probibly can walk by the time we come back!
Martin and I are also the proud owners of the 2 seats at the back of this pretty car :) Pretty handy for peeps like us that dont drive at all :) So we now can just hop in the car with Marco, Rianne and the kids and Drive to well... Spain or something LOL.
I cant show you new projects yet! But they are coming! I already finished 4 Glitter projects, working on new ones right now. I am also working on my Greeting cards, but they are not approved yet, so I dont want to show them before they do :) Also I am working on a new painting, but that is going to be a present, so cant show that either.. sorry guys :) You will just have to it with this cute kiddo!
Ok.. Back to my to do list!!! (Wich is doing pretty good btw!) Only 3 more weeks before we are going away!!!

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