24 aug. 2009

test posting from my iPhone

since the day I got my iPhone, I am loving it! all the apps, checking my mail in the train, in my bed, bloghopping at the couch while watching a movie, and most of all enjoying my music while being creative! Martin installed a new app for me a while back, so I can blog from my iPhone. So here it is, my iPhone test;) the only bad thing about it is, is its dictionary. because I write in english and dutch it is changing words a lot and I need to go back and change them again because I am too quick with hitting the spacebar;)
My to do list for the states is doing good! The office is the biggest thing We/I have to do. I want it cleaned out and empty before we go. Not sure if we can make that in time. my creative assignments are doing ok. if only I wasn't such a clumpsy person! I keep dropping jars of glitter and bags of paillettes on the floor! lol
my new businesscards wil arrive tomorow, cant wait to see them!
ok back to housecleaning! we are getting. important company tomorow so I want the house all shiny!
Hugs Martine

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