8 sep. 2009

Back from the Glitter:)

This weekend we went to the KKD (Knallende Kars Dagen). It was a lot of fun! I had to promote the Glitter and Sequins and Glitterglue, paper, felt etc... I am not a Glitterperson, but I do like the results of the projects. I made 1 lay-out I think and that's it, the rest is all decorative. Here are some example's of what I made, but you can see here the rest

We staid in a Hotel and we ate Dinner with Liesbeth, Mariska, Corinne, Marsha and Birgit. The food was greath and so where the conversations. I had a lot of fun and I hope I can come back next year!
Last Night I started on a LaptopSleeve, because I cant find mine, and where are leaving tomorow. It is not "pimped" yet and it has to get something so it will close (it just flaps open everytime now). Its made from thick felt and fabric on the inside. I didnt meassure anything just fold the laptop in the fabric cut it off and sew it all togheter :) Love those projects, especially when they end up pretty cute. The pimping will be done later, I dont have time for that now.
This Morning we needed to go the Dentist, and I need to go back this noon because of a cavertie. (blegh!) So here goes one more thing on the list but hey that's ok, I will have a LONG flight tomorow to relax right :). Our House keeper is bringing us Chinese tonight, so we dont have to cook. Better start packing!!!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat je daar nog puf voor had!!! Ik niet hoor... ben de hele avond niet meer van de bank geweest :-)Heb m'n kaartjes nog wel gevonden: netjes opgeborgen in mijn rugzak... achterin de auto van Liesbeth!

  2. gorgeous what you've made! and i LOVE that laptopsleeve!!!

  3. i loved the cards & the tree and the glitter everywhere ;)