4 sep. 2009

picture perfect and to do list

I really liked the series of picture that my sister Tamara Took from Damian, Fenna and Luna at our Holiday. It is really hard to make the perfect picture, but they sure had a lot of fun! I made this little book for Scrapabilly. I do want to embellish it a bit more, but not wat, but I will do that in the future, no rush here!

So today is Friday already, and our trip is really getting close-by!. Tonight we have friends over, tomorow, Luna will be going to be 5 years old, so we cant miss here birthday right? Then we need to take the train to "Tiel" (wich will take us there in ah well, lets say 2,5 hours) to settle in at the hotel. Then we are going out to dinner with a friend that is coming over from the states for the KKD. The sunday and Monday we will be at the KKD (Knallende Kars Dagen). I will be at booth number 4 so if you are coming too, stop by and say hello:)
Then Monday evening we have a meeting and a dinner with my parents who are picking us up at tiel (saving time here people!) Then Tuesday we need to go to the dentist and pack our bags and that's it! then its time for us to hop in the plane and start enjoying ourselfs in the warm Los Angelos! O boy are we looking forward to that or what! I wont bore you with my to do list, because there are no fun things on it to do:D (ok, ok maybe updating my playlist at Itunes, I love having new music on my Iphone!) but that's it. The rest of it is all cleaning, shopping, laundry, updating computers etc... So off to that and enjoy your weekends!

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