13 sep. 2009


yesterday we went Shopping! Martin and I really had a fun day!

we ate Lunch at "The Islands" a real cool surfers place, with burgers, wrap's, Nacho's and way more. I got a Fajita tortilla and Martin got a Terriyaki tortilla, it was all YUMMIE! after that we went shopping, Martin 2 shirts at Quicksilver and a 2 shirts at Macy's and a really pretty wintercoat! I am so jealous at him! it looks good at him. we didn't found a princess dress yet for Rose, so we will need to get to do some more shopping;) ah well that's life :D We cooked dinner for the whole family last night including 4 more kids that where staying over. We made chicken and "gebakken aardappelen" (cooked potatoes) and a salad. I made the potatoes the oldfashioned way. so boil them first then cook them in a pan, with lots of butter;) I did forgot,when making the marinade for the chicken that there was salt in the garlic( called garlic salt lol) and there was salt in the seasoning mix and I added salt... so we had to google it what to do next, We needed to put Ketchup in it, it tasted better, but it was still a bit salty!
Today there are people coming over for a BBQ, so I better hop out of bed and get in action!
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