13 okt. 2009

Good to know

That everybody likes Martin his story's better then mine :D Well you know what.. I have real picture's instead of google picture's :D The biggest problem is that my computer is keep falling out.. So I hope I make it all the way :D. Today we went to Target to shop, since the weather wasn't that nice (they where expecting rain, but we didnt saw it.. It was a bit cold tho.. We Ate Lunch at Quiznos, where Martin had a not so good Lemonade, but a really good Big Cookie
At Target Martin wanted to flirt with some weird guy so I let him :D

Martin wanted to take a picture of the Target logo with him in it.. While explaining me he dropt down :) we had to laugh really hard.. and yes the black thing in the bottim is his foot :D

On our walk to Connels (lunchroom) we walked trouhg this cute park where we took some picture's and saw some Squirrels.. and Martin was really close (he was even a bit scared that the Squirrel would attack him hehe This is us waiting in line for the Clue Movie.. The candle is a prop and Angus is the one taking the picture.. They fuy with the head is Luuk(?) (Amy's boyfriend) and the other guy in between Martin and I belongt to us aswell but We dont remember his name... (Sorry!!! )
And this is Olive the Bulldog puppy :)

and uhm.. dont know who they are.. sorry!!
Now I am off to go watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with soda's and Chips.. Wil enoy Martin to finish some of the movie's!
Hugs!!! M&M

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ahhh, we vinden jouw verhalen ook leuk hoor! haha, alleen Martin schrijft zo uniek!

    leuk om weer wat foto's te zien!! :D


  2. looks like you guys are having way too much fun!!!!
    and shopping at Target...you lucky things.
    and how adorable is Olive?????!!!!!