5 okt. 2009


I thought it was time for a little update!, No pictures tho, because I am updating from my Iphone (it's really early, so I am still in bed and Martin is still sleeping) he is working really hard this last week, I hope he will take a break next week, to get some relax time. Last week we spend the whole week at friends house, since our current "adoption" family had family staying at there house, and we wanted to spend some time with them as well. we did a LOT of shopping there, chatting, scrapbooking, and playing with there 10 week old puppy buldog. I am not a dog lover(bit scared of them) but this puppy really stole my heart. Pictures soon!
Yesterday we bought big pumpkins for everyone. the kids are going to show us how to carve them. we are also going to make costumes and trick or treating! sounds like fun! Our other plans are, going to the beach, Going to Disneyland for 2 day's with everyone, Huntinton gardens, Legostore (with this family thats a day event!), out to dinner with the TV Weekly crew, dinner at adam's place, going to the movie event Clue, going into the mountains and probably more! so busy busy, but its all fun! Now I better get ready for my day today! I am going to Judikins Warehouse!!
XOXO Martine
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  1. Heerlijk hoor dat je het zo druk hebt en ik hoop dat jullie beiden genieten van alles wat jullie gaan doen. Leuk om halloween nu eens mee te maken in het echt.
    Liefs Mams.