6 dec. 2009

quick update

Wow time is flying SO fast! Yesterday we celebrated 5 december. We didn't gave each other presents, but we did watched some special shows, had diner with friends, ate a lot of pepernuts and chocolate. it was a really fun and cozy night. Today I planned on setting up the christmas tree, but I ended up with just laying on the couch. I got a nasty cold, (that is what you get when you go back at working at a daycare centre, last week I got a stomach flu), but tomorrow is my day off, so Probably I will recover quickly and go back to work on Tuesday. Ever since I got the double pneumonia, I am extra careful and take a lot of rest (even if it is for one day, the pneumonia started with a neglected cold) but it seems like it is a quick cold, I am already feeling better, my troth is hurting less and I can hear some things again. (too bad there is an alarm going off for well lets say an hour or so, so at this moment I wished I still didn't hear anything).
I hope to come with some images or scrapbooking pages soon!
Bare with me :D

1 opmerking:

  1. hier staat de kerstboom al. Ben gisteren de hele dag ermee bezig geweest, maar dat kwam meer omdat Richard niet lekker was en
    Thomas ook niet en ik dus af en toe bezig was met andere dingen.

    Liefs Angelie