23 nov. 2009


Yay! I am typing my first blog from my brand new Macbook Pro 15 inch! I am SO happy with it!. I collected all my data from my old laptop and computer (who both need to be fixed) and finally I have all my pictures and data on 1 computer. It is importing about 10.000 pictures right now, just watching them being imported is fun, You get to see your whole life( well at least 5 years of it, the older pictures I have to search lol)! Also I noticed how much Junk I have on my computer, A perfect time to organize it all and get rid of a lot of it!
Saturday was our Party! O boy did we had fun, but maybe also a little bit too much fun, because I don't remember everything, and I was trowing up the whole sunday! haha.. well at least it was a great age for a firs-timer like that (Yes I never got that drunk before, and probably never will be again lol) Today is my free day, so all the time to explore my new mac, do some extra after-party cleaning and run some errands.
Hopefully I will also have some time to do something creative and visit everyones blogs again (have to find my favorites and urls... hmm maybe starting an account with blogroll is not a bad idea) Pictures of the party will be coming soon, They are waiting to be imported (I am importing everything in Iphoto.. that will take a while!)
Happy Monday!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I also have a MacBook Pro 15" love love love it, it's amazing! I adore the iPhotofeature Faces (Gezichten) really fun, and adding places where something is photographed, it uses Google Earth (or something similar) Had to get used to it, but it most certainly is the best!

    Once you go Mac, you never go back!

  2. Charming picture... hahaa

    congrats on the Mac,im way jealous!