19 nov. 2009


30!!! whaaaa tomorow is my birthday, I am exited and scared at the same time. I mean 30...my life is almost over, and I haven't started yet! I know it's not true, but still it feels this way. here we are, in a small appartment with no room for any kids, not married, I don't have a career... When do I start life? But on the other hand we choose to wait with children till we are ready for it, till we have the space and money for it. I know I know, we are still need to get married (the plan was November LAST year lol) but we want to do it right (with a big party, so we need to save for that one) and look at us! able to go to a foreign country for 2 months!! we couldn't do that if we already had kids! and spoil our nephew and nieces rotten. Do fun things with family and friends, suprise them and help them out where necessary. I love my life, I enjoy every minute of it, also because you don't know what the future will bring... All I know so far is that Saturday is our kick ass party (allot of people are not able to come, but this party will still rock!) and tomorow is my B-day. I have to work, so today I have to get everything ready! Rianne is coming tomorow to Lelystad, so we need cake tomorow to celebrate our birthday! shall I try to make the red velvet one??..
ow!! And Martin bought my Birthdaypreseng yesterday, ofcourse I can unwrap it tomorow, but today I can already look at it, and even that is making me happy!!!

yay!!! see ya soon!!!
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  1. alvast gefeliciteerd meid, enne het begint pas na 30 :)
    ik ben jalours op dat cadeau!
    veel plezier op je feest en hopelijk word je erg verwent!


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