14 dec. 2009


It is Monday already, but we had a really fun weekend! Friday A friend and I went to the endsale of scrapbookmate, I bought paint!

papers, stickers and stamps

then friday evening we went to Tamara here birthday where we played on the Wii

Saturday we went to the christmasfair in Dordrecht with Rianne and Marco.

it was fun and cozy, but also very cold. we ate "poffertjes" at a cute little restaurant, best in town, but we had to wait about an hour hihi. We bought some treedecorations for the kids (they get there own tree on their room, wich I think is pretty cool!) we had a great dinner and played "katan" (a boardgame) Fenna wanted to spend the night at our bed, so we didn't got a lot of sleep lol, that girl can twist and turn!
sunday we baked some croissants, watch tv

, played with the kids and I helped Rianne with a sewing project for my mom (I only had to put tread in the machine, Thats all I helped with!)
after that we went home with the train. at home we dronk some hot cocoa, watched tv, wrote some christmascards.

If you ask me? a Perfect wintery/holiday kind of weekend!
ow right and we booked our holiday! we are going to the same place as last year with the kids and there parents for 3 weeks! yay!
XOXO Martine
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