18 dec. 2009

where did this week go?

serious! its friday already! I worked the whole week instead of the usual 3 day's, Martin had his usually busy work week, but he also got a nasty cold and cough! awe the poor guy couldn't even make some calls, he could only cough while talking.

I started on the Tim Holtz 12 days of Christmas. I am stuck at day 6 (day 5 is not in the picture) So I might skip that one for now and continue on the other onces today. Today is also. christmaslunch at the daycare, So I will go to there to help and enjoy the fun. I think I have to leave the house pretty early because it snowed again

this was yesterday, at this moment it is still to dark to take a new picture! Damian celebrated his birthday yesterday at school an Rianne made cookies for him to give to the other kids,

everybody liked them (duh!) I wish I could make these too! the look so cool and yummie! Maybe we will make some in the christmasholiday;)
Look, she made these last night

for her hubby to take to work! sweet huh!
Tomorow I am going to a Bee (a crop for quilters) with my mom, we are going to make fabric stars, the evening I am going to spend at my SIL. we are going out to dinner and watch a movie;) Sunday.. No plans yet, but I am crossing my fingers that we can go christmasshopping in Amsterdam;)
have a nice weekend!
hugs! Martine
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik zal alvast koekjes en icing maken dan gaan we ze samen versieren.
    Kus zus

  2. Nice blog.I'm waiting for your new post.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Oh je neefje al weer 6 jaar. Waar blijft de tijd. Ik wens je samen met Martin en familie hele gezellige feestdagen en een prachtig 2010. Ga je weer naar Kars in februari?

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