28 dec. 2009

Happy Holiday's!!!

Ok ok Christmas is already over, but it is still a holiday! Martin and I have both the week off and its jam packed with fun activity's already :) We will sleep the whole week at my parents house, Rianne, Marco and the kids are staying over as well, so it is going to be a fun week full of kids and joy!. We are also doing typical day off things, like organizing our dvd collection, looking for a kitchen etc. I didn't made any pictures at al with christmas, and I didn't do any creative things these weeks, so I will show you some of the christmas cards I did for Chikadeeprints. I decided to quit designing for them, because I don't have the time to make good cards at this moment, and it is not worth all the stress. I did enjoyed doing it and learned allot!

Happy holiday's!
XOXO Martine

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