4 jan. 2010

Happy 2010

The new year is here! I don't have the "start of the new year feeling" so much this year as last year. We both have the feeling our year started after getting back from the states. So this is our second new year feeling :D Of course a new year starts with new resolutions and plans on how to live this year. Even when it is a second one :D
We really had a long and strange year in 2009. A lot of things changed, sad things, but also good things. We really learned allot and appreciate more of life!. We went to california twice!, we went (almost) bankrupt and got back on track again , dad had to go into the hospital (only once and is did really good in 2009, especially after going to France for 2 weeks), Martin went to New York, we both turned 30, I stopped with school, Worked at Subway and at a daycare. Scrap! stopped, we celebrated the holiday with the family (and nobody was sick or in the hospital :D) Martin wrote some new songs that will be hits in 2010 :D, I worked on my career (and need to do that Way more often in 2010). In 2009 I didn't had any resolutions written down. 2008 was such a strange year, that I just continued the once for 2008. And this was on my list:
Keep the house clean! (It really is tidy and clean at this moment woohoo!)
Learn more new techniques for scrapbooking, and actually use them on lay-outs (workshops)
Try to get in a DT to stay/get in to shape!
Photograph more!
Blog more (with my new pictures)
Scrap more and finish unfinished projects (100 challenge)

Spend more time with family and friends and make new friends
Mmm not bad, keeping the house clean: ahh well... That will be on the list for 2010 as well, lets just say I am not born as Cinderella:D The house is cleaner tho, so Now it is more about getting and staying organized. We had to move back the office and my scrap room back into our 1 bedroom apartment, so at this moment it is all about organizing and making it work, because we do have to stay in this apartment for a while, until the house prices go up a bit, and our year numbers are better again. Last week we bought a new kitchen for in the house, first off all because our kitchen is really really sad, the fridge was dying together with the stove. and second so if we are going to sell the house, the house has a higher value. So In March we are going to have a new kitchen YAY!. And if we arrange it well in the house, we might fit in a dining table as well.
Learning more techniques: well that one will be on 2010 too, but not for scrapbooking. but more for illustration. I know so many scrapbooking/stamping/mixed media techniques that it is time to use them:). I do like to go to workshops, but that will not be a goal. I do want to start Illustration (the software) lessons. But those are really expensive, so I have to save up for those.
Try to get on a DT: Nope... that one is NOT on the list for 2010. I love doing DT work tho, but for now, it is not a new goal. I do like to watch tutorials, and maybe I like to make some too. Just to join in to the fun of being creative
Stay/Get into shape: Well we can remove the stay. I am NOT in shape. I gained weight, and that has nothing to do with the states, because the weight I gained there, is gone already, but We just don't eat right, snack allot and find excuses to eat. I am weighing 91 kilo (182 pounds!) and wearing size 46/xl or xxl (or size 16/18) and yes I am telling this out loud, so I can read back to see my weight and yes I will bore you guys with dietdrama, because that is going to happen here in 2010:D I need to loose 20 kilo (40 pounds) if I want to be back in the "health zone". I know it is a lot, and I don't expect it to happen in just 1 year, but do want to have it happen in this year :D Martin is joining me, so we can complain to each other:D We also have a Wii.. and a balance board, so we have to start using that one too, and with the new kitchen in sight there is no more excuses for bad cooking! (can you tell we are very determined lol) O and we are living on the fourth floor... so 8 stairs up and down... That would help as well (I might hang a sign at the elevator.. broken for people that want to work on there health )
Photograph more: That is one goal that I didn't do last year. I even stopped taking pictures but enjoyed moments more. For 2010 I want to do both. I want to enjoy moments and take small pictures with my phone or point and shoot camera, but I also want to go out more and take pictures of the life around me. I need more pictures to scrapbook :D
Blog more: hmm that will be around the same, only if I want to :D
Scrap more and finish unfinished projects: That will be a yes, but it doesn't havto be scrapbooking. I want to do something creative every day ( And I will blog more about it) For example, I am crocheting a blanket, painting a canvas, making a quilt, making a felt angel, a minibook, an altered journal etc... but nothing is finished, so Work it baby! (the 100 challenge, hmm I got stuck at number 28 or so... I just love having new supplies to much :D)
Spend more time with family and friends and make new friends: I am so bad at maintaining friendships, its not that I don't like you, I just really really suck at it... I did my best and sending everyone christmas cards. ( I did found out that a few people didn't got one, but I did send them) on to sending birthday cards...
New for 2010 is:
Enjoy life! Do what you want to do, and what you think you have to do
Organize: Get rid of all the clutter and organize
That is enough don't you think?? :D What are your resolutions? and do you have any tips for me? I promise more pictures next time (as alway's :D)
XOXO Martine
p.s it is snowing here!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Voor jou en Martin een fantastisch 2010 gewenst en zien we elkaar weer bij Kars in febr.?
    Mooi om jezelf wat doelen te stellen, ik neem me meestal ook wel het een en ander voor maar het komt niet altijd uit ...
    Ons doel dit jaar is het bouwen van een nieuw huis en hopelijk volgend jaar kerst op ons nieuwe plekje.

  2. Your card made it over here! I do not really have new years resolutions, but I guess I want most of the things you do: eat healthy and loose weight, an organized and clean house, learn Illustrator ;-)... I think I have the blog and photographing thing covered, but I do want to finish some unfinished projects... and I actually have one friend I did not see at all in 2009, so I definitely have to do something about that!

  3. Huisje schoon staat ook bovenaan ons lijstje. Veel succes met je doelen. Ik doe ook mee met afvallen maar ik gooi het vooral op 2x per week zwemmen en geen snacks/snoep/tussendoortjes.

  4. Bedankt voor je berichtje ! Ehm ... ligt eraan hoe groot je kaartje was. Heb 1 envelop maar die is klein en vierkant zonder inhoud LOL.
    Ik hoop dat al jullie wensen uitkomen voor 2010 !