31 dec. 2012


On Pinterest I found this recipe from tfd diaries. Small Apple parts in croissants. Sounds easy enough to make, and to start my resolutions with. Because who say's I can't start them before jan first right?

I actually wanted to try something else, something healthy and that good be eaten as the main meal. But I discovered I didn't had a lot of healthy stuff on my Pinterest and the few I had asked for ingredients that are hard to find here in Holland!

So a little snack for New Year's Eve (we call it old years eve btw) something different then the "oliebollen and appelflappen"

This is my first batch. The recipe is pretty simple

Slice 3 apples, eat a few, give a few to your 2 year old and you have precise 24 slices of apple. Don't make them too chunky, the dough wont fit around it.

Make a mix of brown sugar, Normal sugar and cinnamon. Just a few spoons of the sugar will do.

Open the package of croissant dough (something like Daneroll) and cut the triangles the way the package tells you too.

Sprinkle the sugar mix on the dough and wrap a slice of apple in each triangle. The dough doesn't stick very well because of the sugar, but It will hold.

Run a little milk on top for the brown glow in the end:)

Put everything in a pre heated oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes.

I like the outcome of them, but the next batch will be backed a little longer and I will bake it at 180. I am not used to this oven yet, and I think the oven is hotter then the 200 degrees it says it is.


Happy new year!


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