24 dec. 2012

Resolutions 2013

Since it is going to look a lot like Christmas, I noticed I was making a lot of resolutions in my head. So why not share?
Last 1,5 year I just survived, I had fun and was happy but I wasn't me. Didn't do anything creative (besides the cookies, but those where all orders) or anything just for me. With the coming of the new baby it will be difficult to start doing those things again, but I am going to try! Luckily the things I am interested in are going to be about the kids, home decor or food:)

I LOVE Pinterest! I have a long Food list with recipe's I would like to try.
So resolution 1 is
Try a Pinterest recepy at least once a week (and blog about it!) it can be desserts, snacks, slow cooking or whatever!

(This for example!)

Resolution 2 is going to be
Make homemade decorations!
I will start with the boy's rooms. I have a lot of ideas, now I have. To make it too! Also I will blog (ok try to) about them too! I am terrible at before pictures tho, but the results I can show:)

(For example my ugly brownish "kapstok" I love how it turned out!, hallway is far from finished tho, but I have a vision)

Part of resolution #2 is also resolution #3
Learn how to drill holes, saw wood etc. I want to be less dependent on my hole drilling friends. So is Martin, so we are going to help each other with it!

#4 make and send cards.
Sounds easy huh! But I can't make cards! Lay-outs with picture? No problem! A card?? Pff that's hard to do! But I am going to learn, because I want to send out more cards on birth day's, when someone's having a baby or just because. So now I have a reason to make cards! I am eve. Thinking about "designing" my own baby announcement card! (Read wel; Designing! I don't think I am going to handmade all of them!)

And last but not least, I want to keep my spendings on a tight budget! I want to save money. It makes me happy to see things in my house that costs half of what I normally paid for it, or when I where something I can proudly say €10,-!
(And I want to save up for a ticket to LA because I miss a lot of people there!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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