14 dec. 2012


Yes! We are moved! Not completely settled, but we are getting there! Just made A LONG list of things that need to be done. Most of the things are things I can't do by myself because it is a) to heavy to lift, and with baby in the belly I am not aloud to lift. Or b) requires drilling, something I simply can't!

Robin is room is almost done! Just the light, curtains and a shelf that need to be hanged. Of course I have some decorating plans but that requires my craft goodness so that needs to be unpacked first:)

He is being exited for day's now because he is finding new toys and treasures everywhere!

Downstairs we made a little playcorner where he can play or where I can store all the toys when he is a sleep

The board on the side of the stairs is going to be painted with chalkboard paint to play on.

I got two cabinets from a friend that I am going to paint white, but I am very happy with them!

(And no the cricut is not staying there lol)

Soon more updates, I am in love with our new bedroom, but its not finished yet! Also we are still baking cookies! Tomorrow we need to give a workshop for Christmas cookies!

Rianne did al the baking and decorations this time, I think these snowflakes are my new favorite!

Be back soon
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