8 jan. 2013


No matter when you come at my parents house, there is always soup! This soup to be precise. M loves this soup, even Robin eats it, so it's time to finally write down the recepy. I made this soup a million times but every time I call my mom, "mom, I am making soup, what's the recipe?"

We make the soup the easy way with chopped vegetables, but you can of course cut your own.
Here is what you need
300/500 grams of ground beef/ rundergehakt
1200 grams of (Italian) chopped vegetables./Italianate roerbakmix of soepgroente
(You can use carrot, peppers, leek, onion, cauliflower whatever you like or have in the fridge!)
3 cans of tomatopaste/ tomatenpuree
8 bouillon blocks/ bouillonblokjes
A handful of angel hair pasta/ vermicelli.
You put on a big pan filled with 4 liters of water, drop the bouillon blocks in, let them dissolve.
Drop in the vegetables

Bake the ground beef in a pan, add spices like pepper, salt, paprika powder and Kerriepowder. Bake until brown.
Ad the tomatopaste to the ground beef and stir it in

By doing this you make the tomatopaste a bit sweeter.
Add the beef mixture to your (now boiling) soup

And it will look like this:)
Let it on a low heat (with the lid on) for an hour at least. Add the vermicelli to it and let it on the fire for another hour at least.
How much vermicelli is personally. We like it in there, but if you put to much in it, it will be too thick. Not so yummie, but if you like it that way, go ahead!
The soup tastes the best if you make it a day ahead, just heat it when you want to eat it. We store it in the fridge for max 3 or 4 day's. in the freezer up to 3/4 months. (If they make it so long!)
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