16 feb. 2013


Yesterday was The misters big day! He turned 2! O boy did he got spoiled!
I was able to watch him enjoy the whole day. Thanks for my bad hips and back:)
Martin was a real trooper! He cleaned the house, put up the decorations, entertained our guest and provide them with food and drinks. And took pictures and video whole day long.

My little big men! He turned 2 yesterday, no longer a baby, but a big boy!
He loves cars, cars, and cars. He likes to joke around, he loves to cuddle, bubble guppies, being silly and going outside to play! He also likes to share food and drinks, toy's not so much:) but he does like to play with daddy!
He knows how FaceTime works, he loves to go in bad and cheese! O boy does he loves cheese!

Next week he is going to the "peuterspeelzaal" (kind of kindergarten) for two mornings in the week. He will learn how to be social, share toy's, do little assignments and sing songs. Big boy stuff!
I am exited for him to go! since the pregnancy is not the easiest one, i am not able to go outside and play with him!
and then between next week and 4 weeks after that he will be a big brother too! a lot of changes! but he can do it! he is my little big man!

love you Robin!

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  1. Wow wat een geweldige taart en koekjes. Alweer 2, van harte gefelciteerd met je mannetje.