21 mrt. 2013

He is here! Our sweet baby boy Matthijs. 4085 grams and 53 cm!

Boy o boy I literally launched him into this world! I was exhausted after that and so was my little boy!

He needed so much rest and energy that it took to much of him. He lost more then 11% of his birthweight and was pretty yellow. We ended up in the hospital on Sunday.

His billirubine level was high but he didn't had to have light therapy. He got extra milk trough his nose and he literarily slept for 2 days!

I did way to much on Sunday and felt like I got run over by a bus on Sunday. Al I could do was cry. It turned out I had a breast infection. Some ibuprofen and a lot of massage and pumping did the trick and I am alright again. Feeling MUCH better. I can even walk again yay:)

After 2 days he didn't got any milk trough his tube anymore and had to do it himself. Nursing is still exhausting for him. After 20 minutes he only drinks about 20cc instead of 70cc! So he gets a bottle with breast milk after that and I need to pump after that.

Yesterday the nose tube can come out and all he needs to so now is gain some weight! If the scale says more then 3840 grams we can go home tommorow!

So hopefully we can start relaxing at home and getting our lives back on track!
Robin is a proud big brother. And I am sure ready to be back at home with all my boys!

Xoxo Martine
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