6 apr. 2013

Yes that is the weight from my little boy! With other words we are doing good!

He doesn't "smile" yet but he loves doing his little facial routine wich includes this cute face:) love it!

His big brother knows how to smile tho! He also knows how to act as an 2year old and is completely taking advantage of me nursing the baby.

Luckely his dad is on his team and they have a LOT of fun together. I will be favorite again one day! (I hope!)

Because who can't love this little face:)

Good enough baby talk:) lets talk about me:) I am so ready to be creative! My Pinterest board is stuffed with ideas and things I want to make, most things I even have (I think!) I just have to find them!
So first project will be my craft room! I won't make it perfect, just find a space for all things and make space to start creating! Then I can start making things for our house! Preferable every night!
But for now My nights are filled with a baby, my days with a toddler and a baby and I am happy If I can get the laundry done;)

But I know there will be some craft time soon! I can smell it!

See you soon!
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  1. feeling creative again is a good sign! but for now take care of the boys and just plan :)