31 mei 2013


Wow this week was full with appointments with therapists.
First Robin needed to see one because he limps a little. His neck is a bit stuck and needs therapy. Also the therapist thinks 1 eye is a bit lazy, so I am also making an appointment with the eyedocter for him.

Then the next day I was with the (same) therapist again for Matthijs. His neck is stuck also! We need to go back a few more times for him too. It does explain why he wants to sleep in my arms Instead of his own bed, or in the carseat Instead of his bed.

Then I needed to go the therapist (other one) for my back. He treated my upper back this time! O boy... Didn't know he could make so many bones pop! Auch!

So today I can't do anything. Luckely my mom is coming over to help me out. Can't lift my 14 pound baby;)
So no new card or crafty goodness this week:(

We are "doing" our garden. We put in grass (I told Martin where to put it and he followed directions) we now have our own telletubbie hill!

See you soon! Xoxo

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