25 mei 2013

First copy card

Tonight I was sorting out my paper and I finally reached an empty desk! Time for a little surfing on the Internet and then off to bed!

I went to Kristina her blog to see if she already posted a new card, and guess what? She did:)
A one layer card with just some embossing and stamping. I know where my stamps and cuttle bug and inks are! I decided to copy this pretty card

The embossing didn't worked for me, I had a square card and couldn't figure out how to get just the middle to be embossed wit the cuttlebug. (I even needed to google how to emboss with the cuttlebug! I know... It's sad)

So this is what I made with my supplies;

I already discovered that a; my inks aren't that good or a wide variety and B: I definitely need more word stamps :)
But, not allowed to by any stuff, I just have to get creative with other stuff if I want to say something different then Thanks on my cards:)

For a first attempt in years, not bad, but then I had a really fun card to copy!

Now, off to bed! I have a cookie workshop tommorow

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