21 mei 2013


My little munchkin is now 10 weeks old and somehow he started sleeping early this week! After a few nights of early sleeps I was laying awake at 9 tonight in bed... Thinking of my scrap room..... (Ok ok craft corner is a better word I think)

My dad past away 2 weeks ago and I noticed that I really wanted to get busy crafting things, remembering good memories and do something with my pictures! Hey wait that sounds like scrapbooking right? So I need my place to be sorted out and ready to go!

I got lost on YouTube and found the 2peas channel. They got al new videos with brand new lay-outs and challenges. It made my crafty butterfly's fly even harder! check out there blog here

So.. I got up from bed and just sat in my little corner deciding where to start. I colored some stamped images for my "stamp catalogue" (Wich I still have no clue how I will make one, I just liked coloring them:))
And then thought about all my papers. They are all mixed up in a big box. So I started to sort them out on brand. I am about 1/4th in and my back is hurting already:)

But boy o boy do I have a LOT of stuff. More then I can use I think. But, I am going to challenge myself. Starting with making scrapbooks for the boys and cards for sending. And I am going to do it the easy way:) I am going to scrap lift and use the challenges from 2 peas, copy the cards from Kristina Werner and just USE my supplies. Not aloud to buy anything. (Except some new albums!) Maybe just some new tape or glue, but preferable just nothing. At the end of the year, I am getting rid of all the old stuff and aloud to buy new:)

I think I will just start by printing photo's or buy new printing Ink and paper and then just start.. I ques my room will get sorted along the way and every thing will find his spot.

So I really hope my little munchkin keep sleeping this early because I am exited!

Night for all for now!
Xoxo Martine

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