12 nov. 2013


Yes welcome, welcome. I am still alive, maybe a little dusty and not so flexible but I am alive:)

What a year we had so far, most of it was not fun, so I am going to try to end this year well en focus on the little things in life.

How? By starting a December Daily! Inspired by Alie Edwards, I am finally entering the world of scrapbooking Christmas. I have never scrapbooked Christmas pictures before, but do own a big stash of goodies. Time to dive in those (if I can find them).
I think it's the perfect way to get back on the scrapbooking ride again, because it is been over 2 years since I made something.....

So this week I must going to make some room in my scrapbook nook, get some lighting there, fix my computer and see if I can print from my phone. O and make an Album :)

O my head is already on making the album! I missed that so much! If it wasn't for the kids being awake early in the morning, I would start right away!

See you soon (I hope)

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