21 dec. 2013


I know it is not Christmas yet, or New Year's Eve, but when plans get in your head, they get in your head:)

Plans for the new year, or plans for the future or plans to become a better person. They are always these. The intentions are always right, but the outcome or thrive to succeed is not always there.

So I am thinking on ways to keep reminding me to succeed in new plans. Most of them are even daily plans, and the same plans for years after years, but always fade away in uhm let's say half of January :)

So do I keep them out in the open, where everyone can see them and "confront" me with it everyday? Or do I "put them on a list" hidden in my iPhone or journal, where if I don't look, I don't see them...

There is a tiny little wall space in the hallway upstairs... It still need to be painted (one of the plans) so I am thinking about just simply writing them down on the wall...
Wall can be painted if all goals are achieved.

So I have to think what I put down. All goals need to be doable in a year (preferable even months, because they will take me longer then that I think)

So what goals do I put on there..
Loose weight? It's the top goal of 2014, but also they most hard one. How much weight? I need to loose at least 50 pounds. Not healthy enough to do in a year I think.
So loose 25 pounds might be a good option. Let's put that on the list

Get in shape. Ok that's an important one too. I need to get of my but and work it. Do I start running like the rest of the world? Go to the gym? Start dancing on a video game... All of them I tried, (except running, and I think I would even like that, besides the fact that I don't like dogs and I will meet them if I run and I don't want to be outside in the dark and I can only run when the kids are a sleep)
Didn't work for longer then 2 weeks...

So I need to start playing more active things with the kids, and start riding the bike and take the stairs where ever I can.

It's more a goal to reach the first goal, so hopefully that is the best reason to succeed in this one!

Eat healthier. Both kids are eating normal food now. Time to become the health vegetables eating mom:)
More meal plans, freezer meals, slow cooker and trying out recipes. Also desserts and snacks are more healthier if home made.
Plus added bonus... It will help in goal 1.

Learn how to drill holes and hang things. I really need to step up the DIY things and not being afraid of a drill. Pinterest is full of things i can't make because I am not "handy".
It is so not true because in school I did everything! I even made a wooden train. It's time to get the garage cleaned up, get some tools and start sawing/drilling and cutting! Dad would be proud!

Finish 12 pictures this year.
How, when that's on me! But I really think this is a very important goal! Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's 12 more pictures finished in 2014 then in 2013!

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