30 jan. 2014

i got it!!!!

Yes! Today was The day that my ScanNCut came in the mail:) I am over the moon exited with this machine that I didn't know what to do first:-)

So I spend the whole afternoon reading the manual. And when the kids went to bed it was playtime for me!

Because my mom is a quilter I first wanted to try out the cutting fabric function. (Because everybody knows that your knives will be dull if you cut paper with it).

So there is an extra support sheet that comes with the blue machine. So you bassicly get three differant mats, a low tack mat, normal mat and fabric mat (because you stick the support sheet on one of the normal mats) if your are using the support sheet you don't have to put anything on your fabric. Worked liked a charm!
There are quilt block patterns inside the machine, you pick one, draw the quidelines on the back and cut them out!

Now of course I first should have ironed the fabric, and you still have to sew them into a block, but the part that I hate about quilting is done for me! (Measuring, cutting etc!).
I can now see myself cut up the baby clothes and make some fun blocks with to make a blanket (there is a chevron block pattern in there! I repeat there is a CHEVRON pattern in there!!) because I don't have to measure stuff out:-)

Next I tried some stamped images.

They are cut out very accurate! Very surprised that it even did the monkey because I heard that the lines need to be at least 3 mm thick! It worked very nice!

Next was the project I head in mind when I ordered the machine! To make a t-shirt appliqué for my oldest from felt. So I did!
I am loving the iron on backing that came with the machine. It keeps the fabric and felt very soft. It is a bit hard to tell witch side is the shiny side. (I had multiple glue stains on my iron hihi)
Then I choose my design, made a test run, thought that it didn't cut trough the felt, so I changed some settings and went ahead....

Well it did cut trough! All the way trough the mat!! Oops. After removing all the pieces I saw that even the first test run I made it cut trough the mat. And that where the settings from the book.

So if you are making test runs, make sure you take your felt/fabric/paper etc off the mat to see what it did! Lesson learned here. Need to order a new mat!

But the felt was cut very nicely and I am extremely happy with it! (Because I have a boatload of felt!)

Happy crafting!


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