1 feb. 2014


Patience is not really my thing! I had to wait all day until the kids where in bed to go back to my new toy.

Today I decided to play with the brother Canvas software a bit. It only has 5 buttons and the translation to Dutch is kind of weird, but I am getting there! I hope there will be an option in the future to add any font to the software, but for this project I just used what's in stock:)

So our oldest will be 3 in just 2 weeks! Time to make some invitations. So I created this file with all 3's and his name all welded together to be the front of the card.
It cuts like butter! (And this time just the paper!! Not the mat hihi)

At this point it looks a bit boring, so I will tweak it, but I like the software so far (not to hard!) and how it cuts the paper. The low tack mat is really LOW tack, but somehow the paper stay's on there while cutting but also just pops up when you done! I like it!

Now I really need to get some sleep and if I am lucky I can work on this project tomorrow:)
Because this little Munchkin was a bit sick today... So fingers crossed he is better tomorrow :)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hoi Martine, wat zul je blij zijn met dit "speeltje". Ongekende mogelijkheden, fijn om dit allemaal uit te proberen. Succes ermee en fijn weekend. Gr. Mariska
    P.s. wat een heerlijke knulletjes hebben jullie.