3 feb. 2014

Copic markers

I love to draw and color and i have copic markers at home, but never used it to color stamps.

I am not a stamper! I love to do it, but i am not good in it. So I am afraid to stamp on the actual project, but I also don't like cutting them out.

At CHA i learned that memento ink was the best ink for coloring with copics. So I bought a little one to bring back home.

What they didn't told was wich paper too use. I had some nice scraps of sturdy shiny thick card stock. The first stamped image looked fine! So I went ahead and stamped 15 of them (birthday invitations)

But when I came back to them for coloring they where al streaky and ugly. I still tried out coloring on them.

But also that looked streaky and not like the coloring I saw at the show...

So I tried a stamp on normal card stock, the inkt soaked right in leaving a crisp image, same as the copic, it blends perfect and the ink stay's in it place too!

So I have some new stamping to do and coloring and then tonight the ScanNCut is going to cut them out! Yay!

And I might actually really really like stamping (and coloring:-))

Happy day!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er super leuk uit!Ik heb letterlijk 1 copic marker en nog nooit gebruikt...oeps

  2. Lovely portrait... I guess you are going to invent a challenge for robotic world :) Very nice
    My younger sister is also very found of paintings with prismacolor colored pencils . I am passing this image to her.