13 feb. 2014

Baby stuff:)

Even before baby's I knew I wanted to make a quilt with the first clothes. They idea came from my sister, who is planning this for years!

So when i was looking around to see what else I could cut with my ScanNcut, I found the clothes that where put away for the quilt. Since the machine cuts fabric like a charm I decided to give it a go!

I don't know the pattern yet, but because the clothes are so small all the squares are 10 cm plus seam allowance. Hopefully I have enough clothes, and I will start to make a pattern soon.
For now.

This is how my mat looks like (and I am loving it!) I wil be cutting fabric for a few day's. It's a slow process because this munchkin

Is sick AND will be 3 on Saturday and this little munchkin

Keeps me busy all day long:)

Luckely they both LOVE each other and it's so fun to watch.

Happy creating!

And happy valentines day! Let the ones you love know you love them! Not just on valentines day, but always!

Xx Martine

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